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Welcome to the Brick and mortar location for Feedbag Catering. Feedbag is still in full operations and offering our onsite catering. The business is family owned and operated, and was started by Terrie and Jeff Ferguson in 1987. Terrie still manages the business alongside of her family. Her daughter Candace and husband Kyle son Dylan and his wife Morgan. While Jeff passed away in 2013, we know he would be proud as we continue to grow and expand that little catering company he started back in 1987. 


Whatever your catering needs might be we have you covered. We can cook everything onsite, take care of the setup of buffet area, maintenance of the buffet area, cutting of the cake, pouring of toast, cleanup of the buffet area, etc. We are experts with weddings, corporate events, in plant catering, and outdoor picnics. You can also find us at concession events both near and far, one of the local events we participate in is Gettysburg Bike Week. We have catered events from 100 people to 2500 people so if you’re looking for onsite full service catering Feedbag Catering is perfect for that job. 


If you are interested in full-service catering, please visit us on Facebook at FEEDBAG CATERING, our website or call Terrie at 717-642-5646. 


With our NEW brick and motor location, it gives us the opportunity to expand our catering services as well. If you are looking for meat by the pound, sandwich trays, breakfast trays, box lunches for your employees or dessert options picked up or dropped off this is the option for you. If you don’t see something on the menu you’re looking for please call and we can talk about it. Reach out to Candace at 717-457-0015.


I would also like to take this time and reflect on the Carry Out side. As you can see we are not just a HOAGIE shop in Fairfield, we are a catering company with a Hoagie shop. We have been watching our company grow and for years wanted that brick and motor extension to our business. Summer times are our busiest times for catering jobs both onsite and pick up. Catering is where every-thing started 33 plus years ago for Terrie and Jeff. Catering is where the heart of our business lies. We have always wanted a small carryout restaurant mainly for winter times when the catering business is slow. We just wanted it to be common knowledge why


Feedbag Carryout is not open on a set schedule. We are off catering someone’s wedding, company picnic etc. We do a heck of a good job at it and that’s our passion. Our carryout business will be open as much as possible but not always a set schedule. Upcoming hours will always be posted keep a check on our Facebook page, call 717-457-0015, or check the front door. Thank you for all your support.

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